Semana del Tenis Profesional 2019


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In the month of November, on 2-3rd, the first Symposium of joint organization between the RPT and the RFET will take place. After several working meetings, based on the agreement signed between the two entities, it was decided that the first event organized by both organizations would be this International Symposium that will coincide with the 30th Anniversary of the RPT.

The Symposium will be held in Madrid, at the facilities of Ciudad de la Raqueta and the program and speakers will soon be announced, advancing that we will have top-level experts such as Emilio Sánchez Vicario, Xavier Budó, James Loehr and Tomás Carbonell, among others . All information will be available on the RPT website.

This International Symposium will be integrated into the activities of the 30th Professional Tennis Week – RPT, in which different activities will be held, among which we can highlight the first course in Madrid of the ICI-CCC Level 1 “Competitive Coaching Course” taught by Emilio Sánchez Vicario, Jim Loehr and Luis Mediero.


The International Coaches Institute will organize for the first time in Madrid, in the Ciudad de la Raqueta, a Competitive Coaching Course CCC Level 1 for coaches, which will be taught by Emilio Sánchez Vicario, Dr. Jim Loehr and Luis Mediero. This course is organized in collaboration with the United States Professional Tennis Association, and awards “10 USPTA Education Credits”, together with the RFET and the Madrid Tennis Federation.

El International Coaches Institute organizará por primera vez en Madrid, en la Ciudad de la Raqueta, un curso de formación Competitive Coaching Course CCC Level 1 para entrenadores, que será impartido por Emilio Sánchez Vicario, Dr. Jim Loehr y Luis Mediero. Este curso se organiza en colaboración con la United States Professional Tennis Association, y otorga «10 USPTA Education Credits«, junto a la RFET y la Federación de Tenis de Madrid.

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04 – 05 November | AC FULL Training

Corporate Athlete AC Full Course in Ciudad de la Raqueta, Madrid

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In the Corporate Athlete AC Full Course we offer a new system for personal development based on enhancing and bringing the professional’s psychophysical state to an extraordinary level.

In our +10 years of experience in the corporate world, more than 5,000 executives of high performance have already graduated as corporate athletes, we know well the habits of high performance in the company, through all the questionnaires, the  body composition tests and blood tests offer us a specific vision of the competitive status of managers in Europe, Asia, Latin America and in the United States.

Now for the first time in Spain, in collaboration with the Spanish Tennis Federation – RFET we offer this course for Presidents, Managers and Coaches of the National and Territorial Federations, Clubs and Tennis Centers in Spain.



In order to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Registro Profesional de Tenis, the Executive Committee agreed to create the maximum degree of title of the Registry of Tennis Professionals, in order to recognize a long activity of a life dedicated to teaching tennis and development  of our sport, in addition to having helped the RPT in its worldwide development.  This year the RPT celebrates its 30th Anniversary, the list will be completed with 5 new professionals with the title «RPT – International Master Pro«.

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In 1992, the Technical & Executive Committee of the Registro Profesional de Tenis agreed to incorporate, within the activities of the RPT Professional Tennis Week, the delivery of a series of distinctions to Professionals, Academies, Clubs, Coaches, Institutions ..  that within the tennis industry stood out in their different areas.  Thus were born the «Awards to the Best of the RPT» that are maintained today, recognizing the magnificent work in the development of our sport.

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We will also organize, in Ciudad de la Raqueta, the XXIV National Master Under 16 of the Junior Circuit MARCA – Wilson, “In Memoriam Casper Fernández”, with the support of the Spanish Tennis Federation. In this edition, in which about 1,700 players participated, they will play the 8 best players classified in the 15 tournaments that have been held throughout Spain.

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