Official Certification Program – Programa Oficial de Titulaciones


The new World Tour is intended for professionals who manage tennis centers, all national and/or international ATP/WTA/ITF circuit coaches who have national or international qualifications, or ATP/WTA ranked players who want to move from their playing careers to teaching tennis or any teaching tennis professional who would like to know the Spanish system and the key features of Spanish tennis success.
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CCC Level 1 – Competitive Coaching Course

The Competitive Coaching Course (coaching players 12-18 years old) is designed as a response to the high demands of today’s tennis, where are players pushed at a young age to begin competing. Through the Competitive Coaching Course, a teaching tennis professional will acquire the necessary skills (technical, tactical, physical and mental) needed to transition to the next level of the pyramid in the Spanish Method of training.

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Pro CC Level 2 – Pro Coaching Course

The Pro Coaching Course (coaching juniors to professionals +18 years old) is designed for those Competitive Coaches who want to devote their time and energies into developing players whose ambitions and talents far exceed the recreational club player.

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Accelerated Club Program

The new Accelerated Club Program is an exclusive program for clubs, centers, schools & academies that the Registro Profesional de Tenis – RPT (Registry of Tennis Professionals) has launched to celebrate its 30th Anniversary. It includes an intense day with training for coaches, the possibility of obtaining a professional license to practice teaching and international qualifications, as well as a series of services to carry out their work with the maximum guarantee. During the day there are also promotional activities for players, parents, partners and subscribers of the center or club.

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