Official Certification Program – Programa Oficial de Titulaciones

The International Coaches Institute launches an International Job List service for Coaches certified by the Registry of Tennis Professionals – RPT,

Registry of Padel Professionals – RPP, Registry of Golf Professionals – RPG, Registry of Fitness Professionals – RPF. All interested members must have updated their Professional License for Teaching & Coaching granted by the respective Professional Registries.

If you are interested in any of the following offers, send us an email with your updated CV in Spanish and English to the following address:

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1.- Professional License & International Qualifications

You will receive a new professional licence to practice tennis teaching and coaching granted by the Colegio Oficial de Entrenadores de Tenis – Official College of Tennis Professionals, implemented by the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA), the European Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT Europe), The International Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT International) and the Registro Profesional de Tenis (RPT).

Since its foundation, more than 34 years ago, the Registry of Tennis Professionals – Registro Profesional de Tenis – RPT – has become the largest coaches organization with the greatest global presence: 130 countries.

The contribution of the RPT to the development and success of SPANISH TENNIS has been decisive in the last three decades, accompanying the RPT in its international leadership in professional training programs and in the certification of TENNIS coaches, with the SAFETY & GUARANTEE of its PROFESSIONAL LICENSE for teaching the sport of TENNIS  WORLDWIDE.

The RPT has become the largest private and independent organisation of tennis teaching professionals in Spain with more than 8.000 qualified coaches across all the Spanish communities, and World-Wide with more than 26,400 tennis Coaches in 130 countries. To check the qualifications that are in place you can contact the RPT, who issue the relevant certificates.

You will also obtain the license of the Association of Sports Training Professionals – Asociación de Profesionales del Entrenamiento Deportivo-, accredited by the Spanish Professional Tennis Coaches Association -Asociación de Profesionales de la Enseñanza de Tenis de España- and a new certificate from the International Registry of Tennis Professionals. In addition, all members of the RPT Club with a European Community passport will receive the “European Community Certificate Supplement” certificate, which recognises their right to be trained and accredits them to work in any country of the European Union.

You can also take advantage of our professional equivalency programme with the following organisations: United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA), Professional Tennis Coaches Association (PTCA) and ESTESS Athletic University (EAU) with an exclusive price. These organisations will offer you their certification at the same level you have achieved with the RPT.

2.- TENNIS - POINT & RPT #teamyellow #estásready?

#estásready? to become part of the largest TENNIS coaching club in Spain, Europe and one of the largest in the world.  We welcome you to #teamyellow by supplying you with 1 t-shirt & 1 sweatshirt FREE exclusive #teamyellow by TENNIS-POINT and RPT.  Exclusive offer for the first 300 renewals or memberships. Are you ready?

Oferta exclusiva para las 300 primeras renovaciones o afiliaciones.

#estásready? to receive a NEW diploma from the International Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT International) for your membership in #teamyellow by TENNIS-POINT and RPT. Are you ready?

#estásready?  to receive a NEW license from the International Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT International) for your membership in #teamyellow by TENNIS-POINT and RPT. Are you ready?

#estásready? to be recognised in the RPT TENNIS AWARDS «Pro of the Year” #teamyellow by TENNIS-POINT and RPT». Are you ready?

#estás ready? to update and expand your knowledge.  All #teamyellow by TENNIS-POINT and RPT coaches will be able to participate in the courses offered by the Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT), the International Coaches Institute (ICI) and the Registry of Racquet Stringers, taught in Europe, Middle-East, Asia, South America and USA, with «super» exclusive offers.  Are you ready?

#estásready? If you are a coach of #teamyellow by TENNIS-POINT and RPT you will get up to a 35% discount on the recommended retail price of any of the brands in the tennis industry, both in TENNIS-POINT physical stores and in the online store. Are you ready?

#estásready? If you are a coach of #teamyellow by TENNIS-POINT and RPT you will be able to participate for free in the exclusive PERSONAL GROWTH 2023 workshop with different leaders in the sports industry. Are you ready?

#estásready? To receive new tennis videos with different exercises, progressions and stroke production, practice drills and different games and competitions, with different technical, tactical, physical, and mental content.  We will add this to our WEB EDUCATION SYSTEM (WES), our virtual educational platform for all #teamyellow by TENNIS-POINT and RPT coaches.  Once again, we are going to revolutionise the market in 2023. Are you ready?

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#estásready? this is just the beginning of all the benefits that you can access as a #teamyellow by TENNIS-POINT and RPT coach. Are you ready? We are!

3.- New Certificates of Professionalism

You will receive new professional accreditation from the International Coaches Institute (ICI), and another from the Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT). The new certificate will show the hours completed across the levels and the qualifications in the following areas: On-court Training, Study and Preparation, Online Training, Personal Development and Professional Experience, with the aim of providing confirmation of the complete training under the new framework for the regulation of the profession and sports qualifications.

The RPT has become part of a National Commission to work on the approval of qualifications through certificates of professionalism, which are the official accreditation instrument for professional qualifications in the field of work and administration.  This certificate will accredit the set of professional competences that enable the development of work activity through the SEPE – Public State Employment Service – based on European regulations.

If you are not certified by the RPT, we will send you a Certificate of Affiliation as part of this open approach to supporting all coaches.


4.- RFET & RPT Agreement: Endorsed & Recognised Certification

In November 2017, the Spanish Tennis Federation – RFET (Real Federación Española de Tenis) and the Registry of Tennis Professionals – RPT (Registro Profesional de Tenis), signed a collaboration agreement at the office of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) in the presence of the RFET President Mr. Alejandro Blanco and Miguel Díaz, the then President of the RFET Teaching Committee Dominic Conde, and the RPT President Luis Mediero. This collaboration consolidated two fundamental aspects, the promotion of national tennis, and the standardisation of coach education.

Since then, joint synergies have been developed between both institutions, led by President Miguel Díaz and his Board of Directors both the RFET and the RPT have advanced their commitments by reinforcing the recognition and mutually endorsing the training courses, qualifications and certification offered and the services provided, as well as the joint commitment to work towards the recognition of all professionals teaching our sport.

The RFET and the RPT now share detailed information on all training programmes provided by both organisations on their respective websites and social networks. The RFET “Monitor Nacional” (Level 1) and “Entrenador Nacional” (Level 2) programmes will be promoted through the Territorial Federations. The “Profesor Nacional” Courses (Level 3) will be carried out exclusively by the teaching staff of the FFTT, as well as the RPT. The RFET will promote the programmes and qualifications of the FFTT and the RPT nationally. The RPT will continue to teach its Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 courses, as well as the World Tour and Integral Tennis Course throughout Spain, with the collaboration of the RFET.

Further joint actions will be developed, and in some cases have already started, such as the RPT & RFET National Symposium, ICI/RPT courses for coaches, WheelChair Tennis courses, courses for Referees, Streetennis and AdulTennis Courses, amongst others.

Download Official Letter  RFET – PDF

Download Official Letter RPT – PDF

5.- APE Sports Affiliation: 4 Constitutional Rights

All members of the RPT Club in 2023 will be able to register FOR FREE to the Association of Sports Training Professionals – APE Sports, which was founded in 2019 by a group of professionals from different sports, in order to defend the interests of all their professional sports coaches based on the four Constitutional Rights:

– RIGHT TO WORK: it is a fundamental right recognised constitutionally in article 35 of the Spanish Constitution, it is a Right that all Spanish sports coaches including all tennis coaches have.  Sports Federations may NOT require that in order to teach teaching classes in any sport, that a coach be affiliated or associated with the Sport Federation, this violates the Principle of Free Association, according to article 12 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the Union. European (Nice, December 7, 2000), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Resolution 217 of the General Assembly of the United Nations in Paris on December 10, 1948), Article 22 of the Spanish Constitution (December 27, 1978) and Organic Law 1/2002 of March 22, regulating the Right of Association.  In the case of a work-related matter, subject to the workers’ statute and the rest of the labour legislation, all coaches associated with the APE Sports have the right to work within their own sport.

– RIGHT TO TRAIN: it is a constitutionally recognised fundamental right, allowing coaches the freedom to choose the educational centre where they carry out their training and professional accreditation, and that his cannot be the exclusive monopoly of any Sports Federation.  The APE Sport will collaborate with different organisations in order to facilitate the training and retraining of all its associates, both in face-to-face training and in the «Online» format.  In each of these activities, all its associates will enjoy exclusive prices and preferential registration conditions.

– RIGHT TO WORK INSURANCE: with a Civil Third-Party Liability Insurance that covers all associates whilst carrying out activities related to teaching tennis.  The APE Sports will defend you against any abuse of labour rights.  In addition, you will enjoy an exclusive service through a consultancy in accounting and tax matters, in forms and types of commercial and labour contracts, and in all kinds of conflicts with Clubs, Local Authorities and Sports Centres.  All members of the APE Sports will have exclusive rates in the preparation of all declarations, Tax and Labour Agency inspections, and in general in the defence before all of Courts, Social, Administrative, Civil and Criminal Court, and especially in defence in the event of dismissal due to the termination of a commercial and labour contract.

– RIGHT TO BE RECOGNISED: You will receive a new professional Accreditation and Professional License from the Association of Sports Training Professionals, the aim of providing a guarantee of standards under the framework of regulation of the profession and sports qualifications.  The objective of APE Sports is to actively participate in «negotiations» of future collective agreements for sports facilities and is currently the only one that regulates our profession in Spain.  The APE Sports has signed a collaboration agreement with AEESDAP – Spanish Association of Sports Services Companies to Public Administrations, which is the representative employer, at the national level, of sports service companies to public administrations in the field of benefits services and concessions, representing their interests before the administrations themselves, unions, political parties and other organizations and  companies, as well as representatives in the collective bargaining of our sector, this agreement reflects the firm proposal of both entities by improve all the conditions of workers and sports service companies in Spain.

The Association of Sports Training Professionals – APE deporte – has become part of a National Commission to work on the standardisation of qualifications through professional certificates, which are the official accreditation instrument of professional qualifications in the field of labour administration.  This certificate will establish the set of professional competences that enable the development of work activity through the SEPE – Public State Employment Service – based on European regulations.


6. Sustainability & CIFAL Malaga Recognition - UNITAR & ICI

The Director of the International Centre for the Training of Authorities and Leaders CIFAL Málaga-UNITAR: United Nations Institute for Training and Research, Julio Andrade, and the President of the International Coaches Institute (ICI), Luis Mediero, have signed a collaboration agreement for the implementation of joint activities.

The agreement supports the provision of technical services and scientific advice, cooperation in training programmes for tennis, padel, golf, fitness, soccer and other sports, for coaches, managers and employees, student internships and the implementation of professional experience programmes.

All members of the RPT Club will receive a Diploma as a certified member of the ICI in recognition of their teaching work in sports education and their contribution through the programme «Education and Sports: values ​​to achieve a better planet 2030».


All coaches who participate in the training courses and certification programmes of the Registry of Tennis Professionals, who register in the RPT Club, and who comply with the established protocols, will be given a Certificate of Compliance from the CIFAL Málaga – UNITAR, corresponding to the course completed.

Both organisations are committed to organising activities related to the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, for development in the areas of CIFAL Málaga including sustainable tourism, strategic planning, urban governance, prevention of radicalisation and leadership training. All RPT Club members will be able to take the «Ambassador – SDG: Sustainable Development Goals» Course FREE of charge, a 100% Online course, which has a total duration of 25 hours and for which 1 ECTS credit is obtained.  All those coaches who wish to obtain the accrediting diploma, will have to pay a fee of € 25 directly to CIFAL – Malaga – UNITAR.

The agreement will also allow the organisation of courses, seminars and conferences, together with the exchange of information and documentation and any activities considered of mutual interest for the development of these purposes.



7.- Global Assistance: presence in 130 countries. International job list

Through the RPT you will have a unified voice in the Tennis Industry, representing you in the most important events in this sector. We have an office in Madrid, with full-time dedicated professional staff, and four divisions in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and America, with the aim of offering immediate service to all RPT Club members.

The RPT offers you the security of belonging to a global, private, and independent organisation that is characterised by being dynamic, agile, and innovative, with more than 26,400 qualified coaches from 130 countries.

In addition, we offer you a job bank in Spain, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and the United States, in both public and private clubs and facilities.  The RPT Club will keep you informed of all job offers received from both Spain and abroad.

8.- Total security: Liability Insurance

Coverages and limits for Spain & Portugal:

  • Civil Liability Operation: € 300,000
  • Employer Civil Liability: € 300,000 (sublimit per victim € 150,000)
  • Total annual aggregate coverage € 300,000

Coverages and limits for the UK:

  • Public and Product Liability: £10,000,000
  • Professional Indemnity: £1,000,000

Please consult for other countries in Europe and Internationally.


9.- Job Guarantee: Protection of the Tennis Teaching Professional

With the RPT qualification and in accordance with current legislation, you have the right to work as a tennis coach. We offer you the guarantee of the professional validity of the RPT certificate and, in case of any problem, you will have the support of our entire organisation and of Vicente Quilis and his law firm in Spain and Consiglia in the UK, which will offer legal advice of defending and enforcing all your rights and all professional legal matters.

In addition, we offer a job exchange in Spain, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the United States, in clubs and sports facilities. The RPT Club will keep you informed of all job offers received both from Spain and abroad.

10.- Permanent Update & Annual Recognition: New Courses

Throughout the year, the RPT delivers more than 200 activities related to the teaching of tennis: training courses, National and International symposiums, conferences, tournaments and workshops. All RPT Club members enjoy exclusive prices on all courses and events.

In this new era we have realised the importance of being able to offer the best version of ourselves every day, realising that we are all «Athletes», the only thing that differentiates us is the stage where we compete.  This is how our Student Athlete programme was born aiming to make an impact in sport, education, and corporate society.  In our brain, the left hemisphere controls logic and language, while the right controls creativity and intuition, both hemispheres work in permanent collaboration.  Each Athlete is dominant in one hand, one eye, one foot, and one hemisphere of the brain.  The new evolution of our TeTaFiMe system has been designed to enhance the natural dominant hemisphere of the brain and compensate for the other, with the sole purpose of developing a Comprehensive Athlete in sports, education and at a professional level to fully develop all their abilities and obtain the Ideal Competition State – ICS.  All RPT Club members will be able to participate exclusively «for the first time» in this new programme and obtain the certification to deliver and tutor this programme.

In addition, in 2023, RPT Club members will be able to participate again for free in the courses corresponding to their qualification and previous qualifications in order to get up-to-date with the new systems and/or teaching methods through our Re:Train, Re:Fresh, Re:New programme.  They can also be re-tested for free to try and upgrade to a higher level. In the case of participating in the professional training courses of the International Coaches Institute, both in OnSITE or OnLINE, all members receive a € 100 discount.  If you want to train in the teaching of other sports, our partners will have a direct discount of € 50 in the Training Courses of the Registro Profesional de Padel/Registry of Padel Professionals (RPP), Registro Profesional de Golf/Registry of Golf Professionals (RPG), Registro Profesional de Fitness/Registry of Fitness Professionals (RPF) and Registro Profesional de Encordadores/Registry of Racquet Stringers (RPE).

The Registry of Tennis Professionals / Registró Profesional de Tenis – RPT – has become the oldest and largest promoter of JUNIOR TENNIS in SPAIN, organizing the 28th edition of the RPT – MARCA by Wilson – TENNIS POINT National Circuit, which will have more than 65 tournaments throughout 2023 in SPAIN with the categories “CHALLENGE: Under 12 & Under 14”, “JÓVENES PROMESAS: Under 16” and “JUNIOR CUP: Under 18”.  Since Juan Carlos Ferrero #1 ATP, won the first edition in 1996, more than 40,000 players have participated in this Junior Circuit, which according to Miguel Díaz, President of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, has contributed decisively to the development of SPANISH TENNIS.

The exclusive Web Education System (WES) developed by the RPT provides an online educational platform with more than 2,000 hours of training content: manuals, videos, webinars, and presentations. RPT Club members receive an exclusive access code providing free entry to the WES site.

For more than three decades the RPT has rewarded the work of professionals in the different fields of the tennis industry, including Professional Coach, Director of Tennis School, Club, School/Academy, ATP Coach & WTA Coach, President, Institution, Media, Special Contributions, RPT Labour, RPT Club Partner and #teamyellow TENNISPOINT Pro of the year.  These awards are given together with those nominated as «International Master Professional», the highest professional category in the RPT.  All members of the RPT Club will be able to be considered for these awards.

We will keep you permanently informed through a monthly newsletter and our social networks.

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11.- Collaboration Agreements: Wilson, NutriSport, Padel Galis & Tennis Point

Thanks to the RPT agreement with WILSON, you will receive a personal code with which you can make purchases on the web with a discount of 30% on Wilson products.

In 2023, the RPT renews the agreement with NutriSport, a company specialising in high-quality sports supplements including protein bars, gels, energy drinks, tablets, etc., all of them manufactured in its own facilities.  Both RPT members and their players benefit from special discounts on the entire range of products.

Padel Galis, based in Valencia (Spain), is part of the Atitlan Group, present in different sectors focused on the creation and consolidation of long-term value.  Padel Galis is the world’s leading company in the design, manufacture and installation of paddle tennis courts.  Since 2016 it has built more than 8,000 padel courts that are installed in more than 50 countries around the world.  Padel Galis is the only official provider of the World Padel Tour track since 2020. Its alliances with World Padel Tour, Wilson Sporting Goods, Fernando Belasteguín and the Registry of Padel Professionals empower its position in the sports industry.  Product and process innovation are the core of the company’s culture and stand out on a day-to-day basis to achieve the highest levels of quality and excellence in customer service, among which is the new Wilson court with which Padel Galis becomes the first official manufacturer and installer of the Registry of Padel Professionals worldwide.  In addition, together they will create the certification of «Approved Padel Training Center» for all those centers that incorporate Wilson padel courts and the RPP teaching system.

During the next 4 years, Padel Galis & RPP will work on the expansion of PADEL internationally, but with the focus on the United States, where they will promote the construction of PADEL courts, the training and certification of coaches, and they will also organize different activities and PADEL dissemination programs for professional and amateur players.

For more information, visit &


Dacar Visión becomes «Official Partner of the Registry of Padel Professionals – RPP» for the Addictive glasses brand for all RPP certified and qualified coaches and for all players participating in the RPP Tour. Dacar Visión is a company specialized in the distribution, sale and marketing of the Addictive Technical Eyewear brand, specialized in padel, including sunglasses and its corresponding graduation service for players and coaches.

Dacar Visión will provide all RPT members with the best rates available on the different products it sells, with a 30% discount on prescription and non-prescription glasses through the following RPP pin code “RPPadel” on the website or in each of the distributors that Addictive glasses have throughout Spain (280) and that can be found at the link, it being essential that they identify themselves with the professional license of the RPT, and not being cumulative with other discounts or existing promotions. Also is available an assistance telephone number +34 918837117 and the email with exclusive personnel for any help.

Affiliate or renew your RPT Club membership and you will have free registration in PG-2023, and receive a free exclusive #teamyellow by TENNIS-POINT and RPT t-shirt and sweatshirt.  Exclusive offer for the first 300 renewals or memberships.





RPT CLUB FEE (RPT Certified)
1 Payment of € 150
RPT CLUB FEE (Other Coaches)
1 Payment of € 300

Please contact us for membership fees in other countries