CCC Level 1 - Competitive Coaching Course

The Competitive Coaching Course (coaching players 12-18 years old) is designed as a response to the high demands of today’s tennis, where are players pushed at a young age to begin competing. Through the Competitive Coaching Course, a teaching tennis professional will acquire the necessary skills (technical, tactical, physical and mental) needed to transition to the next level of the pyramid in the Spanish Method of training.

Upon completion of the intense on and off court course, the tennis professional will receive accreditation as a “Competitive Coach” under the Spanish Method, recognized worldwide




Writing Test
On Court Coaching Test
ICI Competition Coach (+80%)
ICI Assistant Coach (+60%)

Participants will recive Certification Diploma from the International Coaches Institute with +35.000 Sport Coaches in 124 countries, ICI Certifications are also homologated by: Registro Profesional de Tenis, European Registry of Tennis Professionals, Academia Sánchez-Casal, Asociación de Profesionales de la Enseñanza de Tenis de España, Professional Tennis Coaches Association, Group ESTESS, International Registry of Tennis Professionals and United States Professional Tennis Association

Education Credits

Official Certification Program – Programa Oficial de Titulaciones

Day 1

Registration and material distribution
SESSION #1 Classroom
ICI Philosophy and Spanish Training System used for Competition players and coaches
• Tennis Pyramid
• 4 Components
SESSION #2 Classroom
• Strokes and their mechanics for coaches
training players from 12-18
• Training Stages
SESSION #3 On Court
• Different test for coaches to analyze players
• Hand exercises (2nd chain)
• On Court Practice Hand exercises (30 min)
SESSION #4 Classroom
• Tactical: Eye, space, placement
• Tactical Drills
SESSION #5 On Court
• Drills to learn how to decide
• Basic Exercises (1st chain)
• On Court Practice Basic Exercises (1 hour)
Hand Exercises (30 min)

Day 2

SESSION #6 Classroom
• Training System: drills, controls &
competition exercises
• Doubles to improve singles
SESSION #7 Classroom
• Footwork Movements and Adjustments
for players 12-18 years
• Physical training, recovery and injury
prevention for players 12-18 years
SESSION #8 On Court
• Physical training for players 12-18 years
• Stretching for players 12-18 years
• On court practice (1 hour)
SESSION #9 Classroom
• Mental training
• Coaches & parents environment
SESSION #10 On Court
• Control exercises
• Competition exercises
• On court practice: Controls and competition
exercises (1 hour)
• On court practice: Basic and hand exercises
review (30 min)

Day 3

SESSION #11 Classroom
• The habits of a good coach
• How to develop character
SESSION #12 Classroom
• How to manage a team from players 12 to 18 years
• Differences coaching boys and girls
TEST: on court & classroom
Course review & attendancy Diplomas


• Course Fee
• CCC Level 1 Manual
• Testing Fee & Services
• Folder & notepad
• Pen & Certificates
• WES Password



Course Fee: 450 $ (US)    (Must be certified by: USPTA, PTR, USTA, RPT, PTCA or ATP/WTA players)
Test Fee & ICI Club Services: 300 $ (US)
TOTAL: 750 $ (US)

USPTA & RPT Members: 100$ discount


Team & Staff

Emilio Sánchez Vicario

• President of International Coaches Institute (ICI America)
• Academia Sánchez-Casal Founder
• Former #7 ATP in singles and #1 in doubles – Olympic Gold Medalist in China, 2008
• Davis Cup Champion, 2008 – Spain´s Team Captain
• RPT International Master Professional & USPTA Master Professional

Luis Mediero

• CEO of the International Coaches Institute (ICI America)
• RPT Founder
• Author of patented teaching methods from mini-tennis to competitive players
• Director of courses, clinics and conferences in 80 countries
• RPT International Master Professional & USPTA Master Professional


Derek Touchette

• Fitness Director at AS-C Florida & ICI America
• Total Athetic Performance Founder
• Trained athletes for the NFL, NBA, MLS, USA Soccer and also trained players such as Sharapova, Jankovic, and Mirny among others

Lucas Regas

• Tennis Director Academia Sánchez-Casal Naples (Florida)
• Spanish top 100 player & NJCAA Número 1 2004
• Coach of Kirilenko, Galloviz and Brian Brothers (Assistant)
• RPT Professional Coach & USPTA Elite Professional


Eva Borrás

• Sport Psychologist
• Sports Mind Director ASC Florida
• Highest WTA Ranking #500
• Bachelor of Psychology
• Master of Psychology of Physical Activity & Sport
• RPT Professional Coach