Our Organization

ONLY 1% of all organizations get to celebrate their 35th anniversary. We have accomplished this milestone by listening to the market thus building our professional future through innovation and new technologies, or better said, by adapting to change. Because of our knowledge and “out of the box” thinking process, we have been able to better understand the sport, opening new doors to the educational system and making a difference in the sports industry.

Because ONLY authenticity and originality remains. But even the authentic and original must be updated and that is why at the International Coaches Institute we have developed new educational programs with the systems CDS: “Concept Drive System”, S2P: “Simple, Sensible & Practical”, WES: «Web Education System» “TeTaFiMe” & “HdP Human Development Pathway”, setting up new services to help you perform your job to the fullest, offering maximum guarantees, producing new multimedia educational tools, creating new educational material, in addition to promoting the sport at all levels through a different number of activities.

ONLY our philosophy and way of working has been unaltered throughout the years. We were born in Spain more than 35 years ago, and are now settled in 130 countries, where more than 26.400 certified professionals by the Registry of Tennis Professionals – RPT perform their work freely and independently.

The International Coaches Institute offers new ideas for sports, lifestyle and business through its different subsidiaries. In the sports arena we have the RPT, Registro Profesional de Tenis, founded in Spain in 1989, with the goal of offering the most complete educational package, international certifications and comprehensive services to tennis teaching professionals and their facilities, as well as promoting the sport at all levels, where we offer you the:

GUARANTEE of having issued more than 26.400 certifications to professionals in 130 countries, who enjoy international recognition from the tennis industry. The RPT training courses and qualifications are endorsed and recognized by the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation – RFET. In addition, the RPT has become the largest and oldest promoter of Junior Tennis in Spain, annually organizing +70 tournaments throughout the national geography in the U12, U14, U16 and U18 categories, through the National Circuit RPT – MARCA, that since 1996 in which Juan Carlos Ferrero won the first edition, more than 50,000 players have participated. This Circuit organized with the support of the RFET has been recognized as a fundamental pillar in the development of our tennis.

EXPERIENCE by having educated more than 75.000 tennis coaches who have participated in 3.000 educational courses, 100 international symposiums, +250 national assemblies, +25 world-wide conferences and +30 educational tours, which confirm that our continuing education program is the most complete in the market.

EXCLUSITIVITY of having created the first club of comprehensive professional services for tennis coaches: RPT Club©; and the first program for approval of official tennis educational centers: RPT OTC©.

COMMITTMENT to equip professionals with the best teaching tools: 9 books, 24 videos, 22 teaching manuals, 20 CD-Rom’s and 30 DVD´s, besides having developed 20 patented materials such as EBS: Educational Basic System©, SBIniciación©, SBAvanzado©, SBcompetición©, SBDirección©, Streetennis©, Charlytennis©, Wheeltennis©, Adultennis©, Academytennis©, CITenis©, TIS World Tour©, CDS: Concept, Drive, System©, S2P: Simple, Sensible & Practical©, WES: Web Education System©, TeTaFiMe©, HdP Human Development Pathway©, ADVISA©, ADJUSTIV© & HdI Human Development Institute©.

RESPONSIBILITY of informing the market about the quality of our certified professionals. We continuously carry out advertising and promotional campaigns in the national and international media, as well as on our own web page, which has an average of 2.000.000 hits a year.

RELIABILITY that we have always been active in promoting our sport. We have organized close to 2.000 events and 2.500 clinics where more than 500.000 players of all ages, skill and level, have participated.

RECOGNITION of having, next to the United States Professional Tennis Association, the first and only school for tennis teaching professionals, where almost 30.000 professionals from around the world are enrolled, enjoying an official equivalence program between the USPTA and the RPT. Founded in 1927, the USPTA is the pioneering organization dedicated to offering certifications and services to tennis coaches.

Luis Mediero
, President of the RPT has been elected twice as the best tennis coach in the world. He’s also an adviser and consultant of the main tennis multinationals in the planet and is considered to be one the 10 most influential people in tennis education.

Emilio Sánchez Vicario, President of the International Coaches Institute, is considered one of the great driving forces behind Spanish success in world tennis, firstly as a player, subsequently Davis Cup Captain and for the last two decades CEO of the Emilio Sánchez Academy. He was an outstanding player on the ATP Tour, not only becoming number 7 in the ATP Singles and number 1 in doubles, in partnership with Sergio Casal, but also achieving a silver medal in the Seoul Olympics.

Adrian Rattenbury, President of the European Registry of Tennis Professionals was awarded as the Best Tennis Coach in Europe, Middle East, many Asian countries and in England. As Captain of the England Davis Cup, he participated in 13 ties. He’s a consultant on various organizations of the tennis industry, developing the ATP Tennis Camps, ATP Smash Tennis and ATP Professionals Course, world-wide.

INNOVATION and desire to keep working with the most advanced multimedia system: RPMultimedia for integral education, the implementation of new teaching programs, and the organization of competitions through the RPT Tour and the dissemination of our tennis throughout the world with our Spanish System Tennis Course and many more different activities to promote the sport.

TRUST in having done a phenomenal job boosting “Spanish Tennis” by offering courses to more than 8.500 coaches in all the autonomous regions and almost all the cities in Spain. The contribution to the development of tennis in the country speaks for itself, supporting coaches and academies that have generated all the wonderful players that have received so many international accolades in the last three decades.

LOOKING TOWARDS THE FUTURE offering the best Educational Programs, with an International Certification that is recognized all over the world, and with Professional Services that offer the necessary tools to train and educate individuals through tennis.