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Luis Mediero (born in Spain on April 15, 1963) started playing tennis at age 6 and it wasn’t long before he started climbing the national ranking, reaching the Top 100 in the Open division.

At a young age he had the opportunity to teach his first tennis lessons, where he discovered his interest in teaching the sport and sooner than he thought he was realizing his dream of dedicating his life to his passion: teaching tennis.

His steps towards education consisted in an unmatched process in the tennis industry. He holds 8 International Masters and more than 150 tennis certificates, which places him in a privileged position to expand the sport of tennis around the world.

In addition, Mediero is also an expert at organizing events, sports consulting and management. In the early years of his career, he worked for the best tennis academies and tennis centers in different parts of the planet. He then started his own academy and was also in charge of the largest private organization in Spain, dedicated to the management of tennis centers, where he worked with players of all ages, skill and levels of play.

In 1989 he founded the RPT – Registro Profesional de Tenis, to offer educational programs, international certifications and comprehensive services to tennis teaching professionals and their academies. In more than 34 years, the RPT has become a world leader in its market, having certified more than 26.400 professionals in 130 countries.

His restlessness to promote the sport of tennis has driven him to organize programs and activities where more than 500.000 players have participated. In 1995 he was inducted in the Guinness Book of World Records for “instructing the largest tennis clinic ever recorded”. In 1996 he started the tournament “Circuito Nacional Jóvenes Promesas” (National Tournament for Up and Coming Juniors), for the Under 16 division, where Juan Carlos Ferrero won the first edition. In 1997 he developed the revolutionary program “Streetennis”, bringing tennis to the streets of Spanish cities and later on, ATP Smash Tennis, bringing tennis to the cities around the world. In 2000 he introduced “Charlytennis” for children who were just starting to play tennis; “Wheeltennis” was designed in 2001 for players in a wheelchair; “Academytennis” for competition level players in 2002, and “Adultennis” transformed the teaching methods for adult players in 2004. During 2006, he created an innovative teaching method named: “CDS: Concept Drive System”. In the year 2008, Mediero organized “Streetennis Cup” and “Adultennis Cup” tournaments and registered the “S2P” methodology: Simple, Sensible & Practical, which is now the foundation of all of RPT’s Educational Programs. In 2010, he patented WES: Web Education System, which uses the internet as a platform for all tennis professionals to be constantly connected and updated.

In 2012, a new technology is introduced: tetafime, composed of four interconnected, integrated and entwined pillars, TE: Technical, TA: Tactical, FI: Physical and ME: Mental, to help obtain the Ideal Performance State.

In 2014, Mediero presents HdP, Human Developmen Pathway, the human being develop thru a pathway to obtain his character and the sports has very important rule in this process.

Mediero has been linked to the sport of tennis for more than 40 years and is considered to be one of 10 most influential people in tennis education worldwide (2005). He has also been recognized in two occasions as “Best Tennis Teacher in the World” (1994/1997) and in 1993 he was awarded the “Enterprise International Master”.

In his effort to promote tennis at all levels, Mediero has taught courses and given conferences in more than 80 countries. He has published 9 books, 24 videos, 22 teaching manuals, 20 CD-Rom’s, 30 DVD´s, booklets on “master classes” and written hundreds of articles about education for national and international media. His book “Initiation to Tennis” is now a “Best Seller” and considered to be the most sold tennis book in the history of Spanish speaking countries. He has also worked as a TV commentator for TVE (Spain), Tennis Channel (USA) and USPTA TV (USA).

He has been recognized as one of the top drivers of “Spanish Tennis”, and has taught and certified more than 8.000 coaches in all the autonomous regions and almost all the cities in Spain. The contribution to the development of tennis in the country speaks for itself, supporting coaches and academies that have generated all the wonderful players that have received so many international accolades in the last two decades.

The Spanish Tennis Federation has announced, on november 2017, its agreement with the RPT (Registro Profesional de Tenis) to promote the practice and coaching of tennis, and thus has acknowledged the task that RPT has fulfilled in this area for the past 27 years. In November 2021, the RFET – Royal Spanish Tennis Federation officially recognized the RPT Training Programs and Certification Degrees.

Mediero owes his success with the RPT to three factors: First, to have developed a teaching methodology based on simplicity and easiness suitable for all levels, from mini-tennis to competition level players, reaching all the way to directing a tennis school; Second, to have certified coaches with an international accreditation, worldwide recognized; and Third, to being able to offer comprehensive services for all coaches and their teaching facilities, so they can develop their activities with maximum guarantees.

In 1989 he created Tennis Consulting International so he could offer a broad range of consulting services in the analysis, design, building and management of sporting facilities, as well as consulting in the integral management of sporting events, thanks to his experience of having traveled the world visiting hundreds of sporting clubs and tennis teaching facilities.

The possible growth and expansion of what started with tennis and branching out to other sports, drove him to change Tennis Consulting International into what we know today as the International Coaches Institute. Since 2002, the “ICI” started functioning as an umbrella organization of the different Registries of Professionals and to help them develop and expand at an international level in an effort to offer all the necessary tools to educate and develop people thorough sports.

Luis Mediero is the President of the Registro Profesional de Tenis and International Registry of Tennis Professionals.


Adrian Rattenbury is one of the most experienced tennis coaches and educators in the world, today with more than 25 years educating coaches from 70 different countries and one of only 20 International Master Professionals in the World.

He has been recognised as the World, Europe, Middle East and UK Coach of the Year and has been recognised as a Master Professional in Europe and the USA. Adrian has earned himself a tremendous international reputation in the tennis industry. A former Davis Cup coach he led this teams in 13 rounds of the event, and a further 31 international games competitions at Senior and Junior levels. Adrian has also been heavily involved in developing and maintaining grassroots tennis becoming the first person to create a company managing tennis at this level in the UK overseeing over 100 tennis courts around the country.

Adrian played a decisive role in the introduction of wheelchair tennis in Britain, and has been coach of the National Deaf team. He was instrumental in developing a programme involving 22 coaches hired by a local authority introducing tennis to about 2,000 children each week, free of charge. From this programme players went onto compete in ATP, WTA and ITF world rankings events. In 1987 he created a training course called «Mark of a Pro», which continues to be the leading technical training course available in the UK.

Adrian worked together with the ATP and Luis Mediero to reintroduce its training programme for players who retire from playing on the circuit, called ATP Professionals Programme. The course has been delivered during the Miami Masters Series at the ATP headquarters in Monte Carlo, in Ponte Vedra Beach (USA), and during Wimbledon. Adrian was also the Director of Programmes at the ATP, responsible for managing the ATP Camps around worldwide, with an attendance of more than 200,000 players. The ATP adopted the RPT instruction programme for their camps, extolling the success of the teaching methods of the RPT.

He has presented numerous lectures, symposiums and clinics throughout the world, including China, where he and his team became the first coaches to ever play and teach tennis on the Great Wall of China. Adrian regularly contributes to different media and had his own column in tennislife UK. Adrian was responsible for introducing the RPT in the UK in 1998, and has been the main driver of the international expansion of RPT overseeing the development of the RPT in different countries in Europe, the Middle East and the launch of the RPT office in Hong Kong, from where it began expanding in the Asia-Pacific market. Adrian is currently the President of the European Registry of Tennis Professionals Ltd (RPTeurope), Pro-Sport Education Solutions Ltd and Pro-Sport Alliance Ltd. He is also an advisor to the LTA Coach Education Committee, a Regional Director for England Golf and an education consultant to English Lacrosse.

Adrian Rattenbury is the President of the European Registry of Tennis Professionals.